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At Broughton, we help clients turn their innovations into market value.  We like to think differently. To achieve total harm reduction, we need to work with innovative partners to help our clients deliver life-enhancing products to market, and by providing the most trusted integrated services in the world.  Our vision is enhancing lives with science and innovation.

Seeing the world differently

In tobacco, pharmaceutical, and cannabis industries there are current and future global industry challenges to achieve total harm reduction and wellbeing targets. To achieve short-term goals and ensure sustainability for the future, we need to act now to make a difference. Our open innovation community is based on value creation through collaboration to build sustainable partnerships within these industries. Knowledge inputs and outputs are invaluable to accelerate innovation to advance future technologies in an agile environment. If you have an idea, we would like to hear from you. We firmly believe through collaboration partnerships, together we can make a difference.

Novel Delivery

Novel routes of delivery

For centuries, people thought that the only way to deliver nicotine was through the combustion of tobacco. It took an innovative pharmacist in China to develop the e-cigarette and it took multi-million dollar investments to develop heated tobacco products. In Sweden, nicotine was traditionally consumed through oral tobacco. Innovators thought about putting tobacco into a little teabag to create pouched snus. Recently, innovators have realized that extracted nicotine can be sprayed onto plant fibres to create a tobacco-free nicotine pouch. Nicotine consumption has evolved, becoming less risky with each evolution.

What’s next - Have you got an innovative way of delivering nicotine in a less risky way? Perhaps you need help designing or tweaking your current e-liquid formulation?  If you have, Broughton is the ideal partner to ensure that your product can be developed and navigated through the global regulatory mazes to ensure that they efficiently make it to the market.


Recreational and Pharmaceutical Substances

Recently, the way in which nicotine is consumed has been redefined. Gone are the days of needing to burn tobacco to release nicotine. Today nicotine can be delivered in an aerosol into the lungs, via the mouth through a pouch or a gum and even through the skin with a patch.

But what about other active substances? For example, is there a more efficient but safe way of delivering caffeine other than through a drink? Today cannabidiol (CBD) is delivered in a number of different ways, the most common being oral drops. The most common way to cure headache is to take a couple of pills. If you have an idea for a new way in which a recreational or pharmaceutical substance can be delivered more safely and efficiently, we can help you develop your idea, present it to regulators and bring it to market.


Eliminating Plastics

Electronic nicotine delivery systems reduce the risk of smoking-related disease. What about the health of our planet? As more and more products are used, the more plastic pollution is created. At Broughton, our goal is not only to help accelerate tobacco harm reduction but total harm reduction – solutions that are better for smokers and for our planet.

We’d love to hear from you if you have an innovation in the following areas:

  • Plastic free e-cigarettes
  • Biodegradable heated tobacco products
  • Packaging


Heating Elements

There are so many different variants of Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Products (NGPs) on the market, different sizes and styles – but they nearly all work the same way. Take the technology referred to as “wick and coil”. The pitfalls of this technology can result in a variety of issues, ranging from wick burning to some metals from the coil being aerosolized. Whilst the risks associated with these products are far lower than the risks associated with smoking cigarettes, issues relating to wick burning and metals in the aerosol do lower their risk reduction potential.

Broughton are keen to explore new technologies that eliminate the need for a wick and coil, resulting in a potentially “cleaner” aerosol.  If you have an innovative product that fits the bill, contact us today to discuss the best way to get this rapidly into the hands of smokers.


Preventing Youth Use

The biggest challenge with e-cigarettes and other alternative nicotine products is to ensure that children and youth do not use them. Their often-sleek designs can make them attractive to younger audiences, and whilst responsible marketing has a big role to play in preventing this, they may end up in the hands of younger people.

Total harm reduction means protecting smokers, our planet and the younger generation. There are many ways in which this might be achieved:

  • Smart phone app
  • Fingerprint access on the device
  • Device restriction controls
  • Security

If you feel you have an innovative technology to prevent youth use of these important products, we want to hear from you today. Together we can identify the appropriate regulatory pathways to ensure that underage use becomes a thing of the past.


Powering your device

How many devices do you leave the house with? How many of them do you have to ensure you charge before leaving the house? Wouldn’t it be great if there was one less thing that you had to worry about, charging? It is not just a convenience thing; studies have shown that not having a charged e-cigarette when out of the house is a major contributor to vapors reverting back to smoking combustible cigarettes.

Do you have some innovative technology that can stop these vapors from feeling like they have no choice but to revert back to smoking?

  • Novel battery technology ensuring a much higher capacity
  • Battery-free technology
  • Alternative energy charging

Allowing ex-smokers to stay on their off-ramping journey is important in achieving tobacco harm reduction. Contact us today to understand how we can help you develop your innovation and work with regulators to get your product onto the market quickly. Your innovation might just save another person making an uninformed choice by returning to smoking when their device is out of power.


Regulation minefield

Sometimes regulation is seen as a hurdle, a problem to overcome. We see it as the complete opposite. Regulation provides the opportunity for you to put your innovative product on the market with peace of mind with regards to its quality and safety. If you have an innovative new product and you’re concerned that you will not fulfil a regulatory requirement, we can help. We have a wide experience with global regulators and their pathways and are confident we will be able to find you a route to market, perhaps something that you never thought of, or thought was not possible.

Regulation provides you and current smokers with the opportunity to create bespoke journeys to become smoke-free. Contact us today to see your innovation together with our innovation to accelerate your product onto the market.

Innovate to Accelerate

" Most people say that it's the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: It's character. "
- Albert Einstein

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